Simple Ways to Make Money with Photography 

Assuming you got your camera and lens ready, give me your full attention right coz here are the top secrets revealed in making money with photography.

  •  Build your portfolio. It means to take as many photos as you can. Start anywhere. You need to get a body of work to show to others Start shooting photos of people around you. Your friends, family, co workers, your friends’ children, your own children, neighbors, anybody.

For now, since you’re just starting you can do it for free but then after you’re already established, you can already let them pay you to shoot their pictures.

You can also build a template portfolio via Squarespace. Having an online presence helps. Create your own brand by having a logo together with your captured images.


  • Spend most of your time getting work. This also means that you don’t turn down anything—for now. Don’t be shy in introducing yourself around.

Start making those calls and hustle! You can build 2 websites. One for the work you need to do to make money, and the other for your passion. Let’s say you used to shoot nature and have portfolio about it, you may call it Nature Photography.

For instance, you want to progress to wedding photography business. So the second one you may have your name on it and you can call it for example, A Scott Pictures or something like that.

You can have more than one specialty. And besides, the client whom you worked with from your prior category may also want your services for your different specialty. So yes, you can be both a commercial photographer and also own a wedding photography business that can be lucrative.


  • Look for a mentor. Someone established in the field, has a lot of experience and whose judgement you trust as well as you look up to. This person will help further your business and also encourage you to keep going and give you guidance on how to improve your skills. Have a weekly meeting and accountability check with your mentor on your progress.

And there you have it. Some of the basic tips on how to get started make money with photography. Work on those, and you’ll get there.

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